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Expert Comments: The Future Of Sustainability In The Private Jet Industry

What comes to mind when contemplating private jets? Images of luxury, bottles of bubbles, angry environmental protests? For many, the private jet sector evokes notions of elitism and environmental harm, but such perceptions are becoming outdated in the industry’s dynamic landscape we see today. While private jets will likely always stay in the firing line […]

£9m waste-derived fuel plant to open in N. Ireland

Renovare Fuels facility will produce 2 million litres of biofuels a year using technology developed in conjunction with NASA and the US Department of Energy. In an initiative to meet growing demand for alternatives to fossil fuels, the UK-based specialist is pioneering a groundbreaking method to transform biogas into liquid fuels such as diesel and […]

Technology advances in liquid biofuels and renewable gas

As the globe enters a new era, clean and renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important. As the world concentrates on reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon economy, renewable energy sources like liquid biofuels and renewable gas are becoming more and more popular. These technologies have been available for a long, […]

National Energy Solution: Pt 1: Methane, methanogens, methanotrophs

Last week we reported that T2C Energy in partnership with the US Department of Energy had developed at pilot-scale a technology that makes drop-in transportation fuel for $2.91 a gallon, excluding any help from carbon prices and markets. (The techno-economics were validated by ICF, which is the gold standard in the bioenergy validation department). And […]

Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Office Achieves Major Biofuel Technology and Production Milestone

The U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) has achieved a significant milestone in decreasing the minimum fuel selling price (MFSP) of drop-in biofuels, which are fuels made from biomass and other waste carbon sources, and that are compatible with existing petroleum fuel infrastructure and conventional vehicles. BETO partnered with T2C-Energy, LLC (T2C) to […]

Matthew Stone Renovare Fuels. The Tech Underpinning a Green Recovery

The unforeseeable global emergence of COVID-19 has reshaped much of society as we know it. As countries around the world responded to the pandemic, we saw a significant decline in carbon emissions globally — so much so that the International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates an eight per cent drop in annual emissions in 2020. As […]

Biogas-to-biofuel technology accepted for testing

In a press release, UK-based technology company Renovare announced that it has been awarded support by Innovate UK for aviation fuel testing through the Sustainable Aviation for Clean Growth programme. With an office based in London, the firm has developed a technology it describes as converting waste into biofuel that could ‘replace’ traditional fossil fuels. […]

Alliance Dairies demonstrating Renovare Fuels biogas-to-liquid fuel technology

In Florida, Alliance Dairies is demonstrating biogas-to-liquid fuel technology developed by UK firm Renovare Fuels where using a Fischer-Tropsch process biogas is converted into a middle distillate fuel. The company estimates a 97% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels and at commercial scale the fuel could be sold at 50 pence per […]