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What if we could combine a sustainable solution to both the energy demand and waste accrual presented by modern day society? Well that day has come.


Renovare Fuels Limited is a UK Waste to Energy Company which utilises novel technologies (TRIFTS) developed by its technical team to convert biogas directly into liquid transportation fuel. The innovation lies in synergistically combining two transformative catalyst technologies with the capability to produce fuel from biogas more efficiently and cost effectively than any other existing technology and converting the environmentally harmful methane and carbon dioxide gases into a high value, high demand renewable liquid fuel. The TRIFTS process can be integrated into gas collection systems at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, and other anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities providing a pathway to efficiently convert crop residues, energy crops, food waste, livestock waste, human waste, municipal solid waste, and other agricultural materials to renewable drop-in liquid fuel. This renewable source of fuel resembles its petroleum counterpart both physically and chemically and can be used in current day regular and hybrid engines, commonly used in the agricultural industries and commerce, with absolutely no engine modifications necessary. Heavy equipment and waste hauling trucks can therefore unload and refuel at the same AD/landfill site with a renewable diesel fuel derived from the very waste they hauled. Thus a closed loop process is created from feedstock to end point user. The TRIFTS process is a truly disruptive technology capable of revolutionizing the waste to energy sector and decreasing the country’s dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels. In a time when sustainability and preservation of our environment is an ideal shared by the majority of citizens, this technology can provide a major step towards reducing total carbon emissions to the atmosphere. This is an invaluable aspect to the TRIFTS process that cannot be necessarily quantified here and now, but will greatly influence the lives of future generations.

“Being able to take the technology into a modular farm-scale type of application, opens up a lot of doors. Small- scale biogas to fuels has been a challenge in the industry for many years. And that’s what we’re overcoming – it’s a huge breakthrough.” April 2017 edition of Materials Recycling World — Devin Walker CTO Renovare Fuels, Forbes 30 under 30
Leaves growing out of a petrol nozzle

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Our  patented technology has been developed from NASA funded research for Fischer Tropsch synthesis, and patented ‘Egg-Shell Catalyst’ developed by five chemical engineers at the University of South Florida. We can use  these new catalyst technologies to first convert the landfill gas to syngas using a tri-reforming catalyst and then produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels using a Fischer- Tropsch Synthesis catalyst, specifically tailored to produce large fractions of middle distillate fuel. By integrating our technology into gas capturing systems at landfills municipal solid waste  facilities  are able to convert naturally produced landfill gases into liquid transportation fuel (diesel).

From our process a renewable, high quality, liquid transportation fuel can be produced, resembling its petroleum derived counterparts.

Renovare Fuels technology reduces fossil fuel use for the transport of waste to the landfill and has the potential to drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the entire waste industry. Because the feedstock for our process is collected and buried in landfills already, there is no added cost for the transportation of the feedstock and a closed loop process is created from feedstock to end user


Unique system for producing liquid fuels from the biogas produced by AD facilities and/or municipal solid waste gas

Technology produces readily usable petrol, diesel and jet fuel for both regular and hybrid vehicles with no engine modifications necessary

Technology directly aligned with current UK Government energy policy

No UK Government subsidies or feed in tariffs required for profitability

Proven, patented technology developed by a technical team composed of 5 world renowned chemical engineers

Fuel produced by the Renovare process has been fully tested and approved by the ASTM International standards organization

Process is objectively carbon neutral as it negates flaring practice

Adds important additional revenue streams to operators seeking a profitable means of diversification, in an industry undergoing rapid reorganisation.

Currently negotiating with multiple commercial partners to break ground on plant construction in 2018

Tim and Roger at LFG wellhead
Tim Roberge talking with Roger Lyscrenski (flare i back)

Picture shows Tim Roberge talking with Roger Lyscrenski (flare in background) and at LFG wellhead, December 2016

gas flaring

No need for environmentally harmful gas flaring


Renovare Fuels Process