The technology was invented by a group of 5 world leading chemical engineers who also make up the Renovare Fuels technical team.

Using the facilities of the University of South Florida the technology was developed in conjunction with NASA and the US Department of Energy, with a joint investment of over $10M USD over an 8-year period.

Renovare Fuels technology fits perfectly into existing anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. The tanks are loaded with the waste that will be pumped to the anaerobic digester, where they remain for 40 days in the process of decomposition. The entire process is constantly monitored by a team of specialist engineers. Inside the digester, microorganisms produce biogas, which is composed of almost 60% methane gas. Currently the methane produced undergoes an expensive gas separation process, where the Co2 produced in almost equal quantities is separated and wasted. Renovare Fuels has invented a process, which uses both the methane and Co2 gases. The technology incorporates the carbon dioxide as well as the methane portions of biogas into the hydrocarbon backbone of the fuel produced, a closed carbon cycle is created in the production and use of high value clean liquid fuel.

This means far better energy recovery with no subsidy support required, making for an environmentally friendly, and carbon neutral process. Perhaps the most impacting feature of Renovare’s technology is that unlike other solutions we produce a readily useable drop-in fuel. The clean fuel can then be used by the business to directly power its logistical needs, as the very waste they transport powers their vehicles. This results in increased profit for the operator, in some cases more than double, and a better cleaner waste to energy solution.

No external energy source is required. All the products of Renovare’s process are reused; the system is totally self-sustaining and displaces 100% of fossil fuels, making it totally clean and objectively Carbon Neutral

Renovare’s Technology is fully aligned with Government Policy and does not require any Feed-In Tariff support.


Government commits to the long-term use of renewable liquid fuels under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation


Government reaffirms commitment to the use of renewables over fossil fuels via electric and hybrid vehicles



A full-scale commercial Anaerobic Digestion facility using Renovare Technology can produce over 18,800 liters per day of clean fuel.

The fuel that is produced has passed major liquid fuel ASTM specification tests to qualify as a “drop in” fuel. Unlike existing technology profitability is not reliant on government subsidy and there is no environmentally harmful gas flaring involved in Renovare’s process.