Renovare Fuel’s Management Team

Matthew stone

Matthew is one of the most active investors in the clean technology space, and has an established research catchment of over £6bn annually. Over the years he has had considerable success in both asset management and corporate finance fields, working across three continents with some of the largest strategic partners on the French, US, Malaysian and Singapore stock exchanges. Matthew is a director of US Cleantech Holdings Inc., a company specialising in the development and commercialisation of the next generation of clean technologies. His projects encompass several of the world’s foremost research institutions, internationally acclaimed scientists, as well as leading strategic partners in industry. Matthew has direct experience of integrating and commercialising technologies on a global scale, as well as designing and implementing investment strategies of £100m and above. His investor network consists of prominent private investors, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, institutions, and major corporations.

Devin walker
Chief Technical Officer

Devin holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of South Florida and provides scientific expertise on tri-reforming catalysts. He was recently recognised by Forbes Magazine as one of the top “30 under 30” in Energy and Industry for 2014.

Devin has worked as a biofuels analyst and process developer from feedstock to finished product and co-authored a paper for Energy and Fuels Journal titled “Catalytic Hydrothermal Conversion of Triglycerides to Non-ester Biofuels.” In 2010 he helped develop and implement with ARA Inc. a pilot-scale technology for the conversion of plant and algae oils to drop in jet fuel and diesel capable of meeting Tier III fuels spec testing by the US Air Force and Navy. At USF his biofuel research expanded to the area of synthesis, development, and testing of novel catalysts for the conversion of biomass and landfill gas to drop in transportation fuels. He has also worked as a process engineer for BASF manufacturing catalyst for the oil and gas industry. Devin’s projects have won multiple clean energy competitions and awards around the country, including MegaWatt Ventures, Biztech Innovation, and Cleantech Open.

Dr kris anderson
Project Manager

Dr Kris Anderson is a project manager with nearly 20 years’ experience in the commercial development of new process technology. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a degree in Materials Chemistry. He spent 8 years working for the Malaysian state oil company Petronas where he developed several conceptual ideas into full scale commercially viable demonstration units. His research has won several awards and he has authored numerous scientific publications including several patents. During his career he has developed new technology for BP, Cameron, UOP, Chevron, BG Group and Shell. His scientific areas of expertise include heterogeneous catalysis, gas separations, surfactants, crude oil desalting, high pressure reactor engineering, waste heat recovery, liquid-liquid equilibria, hydrogenations, crude oil upgrading, flow assurance, statistical optimisation, process economics and conceptual design. He has managed several multi-million dollar projects and has extensive knowledge in intellectual property rights. He joins Renovare Fuels from Imperial College London where he worked as a research commercialisation adviser to Royal Dutch Shell.

duncan clark
Director of Operations

Duncan has more than 8 years’ experience in technology transfer, operational management and long-term value creation within the clean energy industry. Specialising in technology commercialisation and management team building, he has worked with Texas A&M, University of South Florida and North Carolina State seeking to expand their technology from the lab into new markets and to secure research and development funding.
Duncan ensures the smooth running of companies from their start-up phase through to commercial contracts. He specialises in team recruitment, marketing and publicity, grant applications, communication with relevant state and semi-state departments and identifying and engaging end users. His current areas of activity include waste to drop-in fuels, bio-polymers, water purification and nanotechnology.