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About Us

Renovare Fuels’ core business comprises designing, manufacturing, and marketing unique fuel production technology to landfill operators for resale or direct use in their haulage fleets. The innovation lies in synergistically combining two transformative catalyst technologies with the capability to produce fuel from landfill gas (LFG) more efficiently and cost effectively than any other existing technology, thus converting an environmentally harmful waste gas into a high value renewable liquid fuel in demand.

At policy level not only does our technology solve the existing problem of processing  landfill gas, it also meets the government criteria of processing new waste and turning it into a valuable commodity via the incorporation of anaerobic digestion (AD). It also meets policy objectives of being commercially viable and will enable landfill operators to increase profitability significantly.

What We Do

Renovare Fuels has developed a process that utilizes everyday waste to produce transportation fuels that can be used in place of fuels derived from fossil fuels such as oil.  This carbon neutral fuel source provides an answer to greenhouse gas emissions while providing fuel that can power already existing vehicles, planes, or ships without the requirement of engine modifications.

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